Gorilla suit

Gorilla suit performance involves pantomime, wearing a heavy costume, broad physical comedy skills, and a partial suspension of disbelief, while still playing on the very artifice involved. In this respect, gorilla suits are not far removed from puppetry.

Patterson-Gimlin film

The Patterson–Gimlin film (also referred to as simply the Patterson film) is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the film makers purported to be a “Bigfoot”, that was supposedly filmed on October 20, 1967, by Roger Patterson (February 14, 1926 – January 15, 1972) and Robert “Bob” Gimlin (born October 18, 1931) on Bluff Creek a tributary of the Klamath River about 25 road miles north-west of Orleans, California. The film has been subjected to many attempts both to debunk and authenticate it. Most scientists have judged the film a hoax with a man in an ape suit, but many Bigfoot believers contend the film depicts a cryptid, a creature unknown to science.

Puzzle Bobble
At the start of each round, the rectangular playing arena contains a prearranged pattern of coloured “bubbles”. (These are actually referred to in the translation as “balls”; however, they were clearly intended to be bubbles, since they pop, and are taken from Bubble Bobble.)
Denali naming dispute
There is a dispute over the name of the mountain listed by the United States Board of Geographic Names as “Mount McKinley” and by the Alaska Board of Geographic Names as “Denali”, located in Alaska as the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve. Alaska maintains that the mountain is called “Denali,” meaning “the great one” in the Athabaskan languages of the Alaska Natives living around the mountain, which is the common name in Alaska. Attempts by Alaska to have the name changed nationally have been blocked by members of the congressional delegation from Ohio, the homestate of mountain namesake William McKinley.
KikA’s mascot is the puppet character Bernd das Brot, a chronically depressed loaf of bread.
Breast-shaped hill
A breast-shaped hill is a mountain in the shape of a human breast.
Who Threw That Ham at Me
“Who Threw That Ham at Me” is the third single by The Superions, a side project of Fred Schneider of The B-52s. The single was released to iTunes Stores as a digital download on November 24, 2009, ironically, the day after celebrity chef Paula Deen was hit in the face with a flying ham while helping pass out hams for charity in Atlanta.